• To remove barriers for those searching for the one true living God



  • Cost
  • Living too far from school
  • Entrance requirements not being met (such as language, grades, college degree, Christian service/ministry activities)
  • Schedule (must attend classes during the scheduled time)
  • Must complete the degree within a certain time period
  • Time constraint due to semester (only a limited amount of material can be presented in one semester per class)
  • Strict copyrights (you have excellent learning material but you can’t distribute any of it)
  • Language
  • Knowing about it
  • Spiritual Life (too many assignments may limit your time to fellowship with God)
  • Lack of a centralized platform that contains solid Biblical teachings



  • Eliminating the barriers to learning
  • Equipping anyone with the proper learning tools
  • Prevent the dilution of God’s message by preserving the quality of solid Biblical interpretation for future generations
  • Provide a central location where anyone can learn all aspects of God’s Word
  • Retain positive aspects of a traditional academic program (schedule for the semester, testing and feedback, etc.)
  • Providing content in such a way to accommodate various learning styles (audio learner, visual learner, applied learner)
  • Provide a platform for talented, gifted, Godly teachers so they can leave a legacy for future generations
  • Complete financial transparency
  • Have professors give their absolute best when producing the materials for the website (one and done)
  • Assist the professors as much as possible so they can focus solely on presenting their best teaching effort
  • Professor dictates the content and duration of their modules
  • Worldwide distribution through volunteers and language translation of the transcripts
  • Embrace the trend of future students utilizing more technological tools to learn (traditional learning vs instant interactive learning)



  • No credit given for classes
  • Target demographic is non-degree seeking individuals wanting to learn more about the one true living God
  • Non-profit company has to consist of a minimum of three executive members
  • Donation button for the website for those who want to FREELY give to advance God’s Kingdom (2 Corinthians 9:5-8)
  • This platform can be used as a preparation to smoothly transition into a Biblical degree program



  • Websites, apps, APIs
  • Modules
  • Multilingual videos with subtitles
  • Personalized curriculum for student’s interest (recommended classes and the order of classes, suggested schedule to complete modules by a certain date, quizzes to provide feedback on student’s comprehension)



  • Believe in the Trinity
  • Jesus is born of a virgin
  • Believe Jesus is the Son of God and believing in Him is the only way of salvation
  • Believe in the inerrancy, divine inspiration, and authority of the Bible
  • Believe in eternal salvation
  • (Professors and volunteers/employees should agree on these core beliefs)



  • Donate Button (optional)
  • Bio (optional)
  • Welcome Message
  • Contact (optional)
  • Homework (optional)
  • Copyright (Add Authors label to all Videos)
  • Make custom Watermarks of each author and add it the Video
  • Owns all their material without any restrictions
  • 100% of the donation goes to the professor (feel impacted by teachings and led to donate)



  • Select potential candidates that can take over management of the website
  • Test potential candidates on spiritual life, tasks, adversity, and monetary matters
  • Teachable, available, reliable



  • God-focused
  • No financial gain
  • Distributing God’s message in Love (no preaching of hate, loving the sinner since we are all sinners but hating the sin)
  • Builder or Ambassador Mindset



Priority 1
  • Gospels
  • Evangelism
  • Discipleship
  • Pastor
  • Biblical Counseling
  • Spiritual Warfare
  • Marriage and Family
  • Raising Children
  • Church
  • Missions
  • Apologetics
  • Christian Walk
  • Suffering and Death


Priority 2
  • Christian Archeology
  • Home Schooling
  • Different Religions
  • Teach illiterate how to read and write